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Last Angel
Life Update

…So how many times have I told you guys that I’m alive and I’m back? ^^”

To anyone who cares…I’m sorry…D: 

Seriously, though, it’s been busy these last few months. June and July I had the summer class session from hell; August was the work schedule from hell (if it says anything, I worked 49 hours, which is overtime, one week and 40 hours the very next week); and now I’m currently in the midst of my internship and applying to teach in Korea!

Oh yes, you heard it. This girl is almost done with university (THANK YOU GOD), and I am in the middle of applying to EPIK through Korvia. I had my Korvia interview this Sunday and passed, so now I get to send in my application and initial documents. 

So…yeah. That’s been my life so far. 

And do you know how much I’ve missed this tumblr? I can keep up with Kpop, kind of, through Youtube but I miss the most important news and updates that this gives me! Hopefully I can be back soon…I miss this life T__T



Seriously, if you haven’t heard it, check it out on iTunes. It’s so, SO good. I love every single song on it, especially “Love You to Death.” And the intro song actually has lyrics *gasp*